Kids Travelling in Light of the September 11 Tragedy

The View from the Children's Rights Council, October 3, 2020

In light of the September 11 tragedy, mothers and fathers are cutting back on travelling.  But the real problem regarding travelling may be for children, especially children whose parents are separated, divorced, or never married.  If one parent lives, say, in California, and the other parent lives in New York, will the New York parent with the child want to send the child to California?  We recommend that the visits continue, but with added care and precautions.

 We also ask parents who are considering moving the child some distance away from the other parent reconsider the moveaway.  Children need the close proximity of both mom and dad, especially as to cut down on the risks of travel.  We ask you to remain in the area where the child lives, whether you are the mom, the dad, and whether you have custody or not.  Children are born with, love and need both parents, and extended family.

Also, the airlines generally say that a child 5 years or older can travel alone.  But will airlines want to put a 6 or 7 year old on an airline alone.  We don't know.  But you probably will not want to place a child that young on an airline.

The alternative is to go visit your child.  This will create more of an artificial atmosphere, if you have to rent a motel, and cost more, as well.  But it is an attractive alternative to a young child travelling alone.  Parents may wish to split the costs.

 God Bless America