Child Access Transfer Centers
Established by the Children's Rights Council


All research indicates that children generally do better in all areas of life if they have a close and continuing relationship with two caring and supportive parents.  

Child Access Transfer Centers allow children to stay close to both parents during the stressful time of family breakup. These centers help the children of never-married, separated and divorced parents by offering a safe and monitored place for children to be exchanged between parents.  The centers cut down on the opportunity for family violence because they provide a monitored place for exchange.
Centers operated by the Children's Rights Council at 12 sites around the country follow basic operational elements:

  • We cooperate with the courts,
  • establish centers in churches,
  • set schedules for alternate weekend operations, prepare and issue information and guidelines,
  • recruit and train volunteer monitors,
  • accept referrals from the court, attorneys and mediators,

  • treat parents with respect, and provide a monitor log report to the court.
If you are interested in starting a safe haven Child Access Transfer Center in your community, please contact:  
Alfred Ellis
Director of Child Acces Services
Children's Rights Council
300 "I" Street, N.E., 
Washington, DC  20002

phone:  202-547-6227 (CRC), 302-590-8621 (H)
fax:  301-590-8623


CRC has been operating the "safe haven" centers for more than six years with no major difficutlies.  We charge no fee to the parents for this service.  Our funds come from grants from state governments, private foundations and contributors.  We also operate Supervised Child Access Transfer Centers for situations where children may only visit their parents under court ordered supervision.

Child Access Centers are practical and workable.  Often other family problems are easier to resolve after there is basic access to both parents and children are safe and unafraid of the exchange process.  If we can ensure access in every situation where there are two worthy parents, then we will be closer to the goal of CRC's slogan, "The Best Parent is Both Parents."

For further information please contact the Children's Rights Council, 300 "I" Street, N.E., Washington, DC  20002.  Phone 202-547-6227 or email  Also see our web sites at and