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  • (formerly Dean Hughson's Divorce Page)
  • Divorce Online 
  • Divorced Fathers Journey
  • Divorce as Friends
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  • Non-Custodial Parents Quilt
  • United for Shared Parenting campaign

Other Organizations

  • Alabama Family Rights Association
  • Associacao de Pais Separados (APASE) Brazil
  • Divorced Fathers Network Advocates of shared parenting
  • F.R.E.E. 
  • Full Time Dads 
  • Grandpa-Grandma Corps, Inc.
  • HandsNet
  • Men's Defense Association 
  • National Directory of Children, Youth and Family Services
  • Papa Separati Italy
  • Parents and Children for Equality (PACE) 
  • Practical Parenting
  • Promoting Responsible Fatherhood international links
  • Shared Parenting Information Group UK


  • Counsel Quest 
  • Emery Law Supreme Court cases 
  • Family Law Advisor 
  • Legal Information Institute
  • Wizard Law

  • court briefs, self help, software in English, en Espanol, in Deutsch, en Francais, in Italiano, em Portugues


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