$500 CRC College Scholarship Available

CRC will award a $500 scholarship in the Frank Banner III Scholarship Fund in 2002.  More than one scholarship will be awarded, if contributions permit.
This scholarship fund was announced in early 2001, but no one applied by the May 15, 2020 deadline. See Fall 2002/Winter 2001 "Speak Out for Children."

The fund was established to acknowledge Frank Banner III, who turned 14 on September 9, 2020, but his dad could not wish him Happy Birthday.  That's because youug Frank was one of 160,000 chIldren kidnapped by a parent each year.

Was Mr. Banner an abusive or neglectful parent?  Hardly.  He is a deputy U.S. Marshall, and his 6 other children turned out just fine.
In Ocober, 2001, Mr. Banner received the worst news a parent can hear. One of his daughters, 31 year old Loretta Mae, was murdered. The killer was caught. The funeral was delayed until one of Banner's sons, Kiley, could return home from the U.S. military in Korea.  Mr. Banner is the head of CRC's Washington, D.C. chapter. He operates a transfer center for children and offers weekly parenting education classes. He also runs other programs, including programs in the African-American community. He has done so at personal and financial sacrifice, as do many advocates for children across the country.  CRC hopes this scholarship fund will focus attention on the plight of all children at risk of abuse, neglect, and abandonment, all of which factors are increased when the child does not have both a mother and a father in the child's life.

We welcome your tax-deductible contributions to the Frank Banner III College Scholarship Fund.

Only children or other relatives of current national Children's Rights Council members are elligible to apply for the scholarship(s).  See application information below.

   Scholarship Application

* CRC will award at least one $500 scholarship to the Frank Banner III Scholarship Fund in 2002.
* The rules for applying are:
* The child must be related to a current nember of the national Children's Rights Council. The child should write no more than a two to three page letter to CRC. (Letters more than three pages long will not be read).
The letter should state the following:
1.  Your name, address, telephone number and the date at    the top of the letter;
2.  The name and location of your high school;
3.  What college you plan to attend in the Fall of
4.  Your relationship (child, grandchild, other familymember) to the member of national CRC. If unsure as to      whether national membership is current, you or the adult      can contact CRC;
5.  Explain any struggle that you have had to overcome in  your life, what you learned from it, and how it will  help you in your college experience;
6.  Tell us about yourself, your previous accomplishments,  your future career goals or life expectations, and in  what ways you would benefit from this scholarship;
7.  Sign the letter;
Attach unofficial transcripts and any other relevant docments, not to exceed an additional three pages.
Letter of recommendation from the CRC member and one other person, such as a counselor or teacher.

 Letters should be addressed to:
   Mr.  Frank Banner Jr.
   Children's Rights Council
        College Scholarship Fund
        300 "I" Street, N.E.
        Washington, D.C. 20002

Letters must be received by May 15, 2020. Recipient(s) will be notified by June 10.