Kidnapping and Abuse Books 
Allegations of Child Sex Abuse 

Richard Gardner, M.D.

Child sexual abuse cases are burgeoning. Gardner provides analysis,evaluates criteria and makes recommendations necessary to better differentiate between true and false allegations. 

748 pages, #BKA-807; hard cover USD 45.00

Children Held Hostage: Dealing with Programmed and Brainwashed Children 

Stanley Clawar, Ph.D., C.C.S. 
Brynne Rivlin, M.M.S.

This book, published by the ABA's Section of Family Law, discussesa 12-year study of programming and brainwashing during custody battles. 

200 pages, #BKA-808; soft cover USD 45.00

The Parental Alienation Syndrome 

Richard Gardner, M.D.

The PAS occurs when one parent denigrates the other parent, and gets the child to join in the denigration. Gardner, a national expert on thePAS, describes the disorder and recommends treatment. 

348 pages, #BKA-803; hard cover USD 30.00

Recognizing Child Abuse and Combating Child Abuse 

Douglas Besharov, Ph.D.

A comprehensive guide to recognizing, preventing, and handling childabuse and neglect, by a resident scholar at the American Enterprise Institute. 

270 pages and 50 pages, #BKA-802; one hard and one soft cover USD 16.00(for both)

When Parents Kidnap: The Families Behind the Headlines 

Geoffrey Greif and Rebecca Hegar

An estimated 350,000 children are abducted each year by a family member.This book captures the experiences of parents searching for their childrenand abductors who have taken them; also makes public policy recommendations. 

322 pages, #BKA-901; hard cover USD 23.00

last updated 16 January 2020